السلام عليكم

i felt it

Hye ! how's ur day guys ??

well..actually, theres something i wanna share with you. Not a special thing.
Just...errr, just something that is hiding in my heart, deep inside.
Something that is not supposed to exist at all.
well, it was just something silly. I hope you will not get bored.HAHA XD !

i cant never tell you the truth like that,  the truth that can make you blush wanting to hide. Though i often forget that i still love you.Because of love, i can never be sad easily, and it makes everything look good. Because of love, though i live in peaceful life. I can also be crazy for you anytime. Because of love, my life can never live with vicissitudes and both of us look young ( it is supposed to be ) because of love, in that place still have someone wandered searching for the right person.

Yes ! i am too young to learn bout this.
BUT !!

This is nonsense !
everytime , things , love , works , and such kind of
difficult matters will called adult's problem.

im sorry for being too emotional on it.Btw, enjoy ur eve guys !

Bye Bye,
~ The End ~

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